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BandCommaRubber is a random collection of disparate tools, each of which is designed to perform superficial and pointless tasks of no real importance.

27 Jan 2021     Updated golf maps. Added car pages. Added culture page.

27 Aug 2017     Added golf maps.

01 Mar 2015     Album Timeline moved to www.circasurfer.com

25 Feb 2013     Made Album Timeline compatible with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE8, IE9

04 Feb 2011     Redesign of welcome and Album Timeline pages

29 Jan 2011     The "Album Timeline" updated and moved to BandCommaRock.com

22 Feb 2010     Updated the mortgage calculator.

11 Jan 2010     Added a new tool: The Mortgage Pre-Payment Calculator - Use this tool to see how additional principal payments applied to a mortgage affect the amount of interest paid over the life of the loan. This is only an approximation. Use at your own risk.

01 Jan 2010     Initial release of the BandCommaRubber "Album Timeline"